The Banking Royal Commission has already uncovered evidence of widespread criminality by the big banks. And the Liberal and National Parties voted more than 20 times to block the Royal Commission.

We’ve all been ripped off.

Big banks are out of control.

Small business owners, farmers and working people have been robbed.

The banks bring in record profits every year.

The Liberal and National Party only agreed to hold a Royal Commission once the banks told them there was no other option. They voted more than 20 times to stop it.

Now, the Liberal Party are fighting to give the big banks a $13.2 BILLION tax cut.

And they're backing laws that would give banks more access to industry super.

We can stop this tax cut. We can stop banks ripping people off.

Here’s what we’ve heard so far:

1. Commonwealth Bank charged dead people fees for over ten years

2. Commonwealth Bank charged millions in fees and still hasn’t paid them all back

3. Commonwealth Bank is being sued for failing to comply with laws targeting money laundering for terrorist groups and drug cartels

4. Westpac refused to stop pushing people into dodgy products, saying it would put them at a commercial disadvantage

5. AMP stole fees from customers for no service, lied to the regulator, trapped people in dodgy investments and charged them up to $25,000 per month for the privilege

6. NAB handed people cash to sign others up people to bad deals

7. ANZ and NAB manipulated the banking bills swap rate for massive profit